Encore Methodology

Definition: Encore is the framework methodology used by Reprise Affiliates for auditing, analysing performance, devising the strategy and running an affiliate programme.

How do we do it?

In Reprise affiliates we have developed bespoke tools that allows us to evaluate affiliates’ performance at a granular level. That allows us to understand the unique characteristics of your product or service offering and device our strategy according your KPIs in the most effective manner.

Affiliate Segmentation

The majority of affiliate programmes treat all affiliates as a single entity. That approach has been proven as being inefficient as different publishers work in different ways. As first step we segment the publishers into meaningful categories for your affiliate programme and evaluate their performance.

Certain niche publisher segments can be proven very profitable for your business, i.e. unofficial airport guides for travel clients or parenting blogs for kid’s toys and products


By working with publisher segments we can recruit and optimise publishers who will deliver revenue growth at a lower cost than the top players


Relevant product and services can be communicated to the respective segments, targeting publishers with relevant offerings. Direct communication with publishers, negotiating effective exposure for short and long term campaign.

Granular analysis

Provide granular performance details to publishers, allowing them to promote the most relevant products and services to their audience.

Affiliate Approvals

Manual review of all publisher applications at least three times a week (depending on the programme’s needs) but no affiliate will wait for more than 3 days until approved.

Affiliate Policing

All affiliate activity is being monitored and reviewed both manually and with the use of tools, ensuring maximum affiliate compliance.

Consistent and accurate exposure

Affiliate listings are being reviewed regularly to ensure accuracy of information

Bespoke commissions

Working on bespoke commission segment with publishers who can offer increase revenue opportunities.


Providing our advertisers the opportunity to work with both networks and our in-house tracking solution. That allows not only to generate financial efficiencies but also engage directly with publishers.

Bespoke tools

We develop bespoke tools reflecting your needs and requirements so we can more effectively analyse and manage your activity