Affiliate Management

Think of us as an extension of your marketing team

Over the years Reprise Affiliates have developed into one of the leading agencies in its field. Our dedicated staff will take over and fill in the gaps of your affiliate programme.

Affiliate Marketing is easy to learn but almost impossible to master. We pride ourselves that we have managed to tame the beast! How? By being the best in the following areas:


Reprise Affiliates prides itself of maintaining close relationships with all major publishers and networks in the affiliate landscape. This gives us the ability to communicate effectively the unique selling points of your products thus delivering growth.

We treat all affiliates as valuable partners, and we are probably the only agency who defies the 80:20 rule. We acknowledge the significance of the longtail and our mission is to grow this in all programmes we manage.

The diversification of our partner base is what will grow your program and make it stand out from your competitors.

Network Management

Reprise Affiliates works and has excellent relationships with all major networks in Europe including Affiliate Window/Zanox, Webgains, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker, DaisyCon, Affilinet and many more.

We can assist you with the management of your network and even suggest which network would be suitable for your needs. On top of that, we can actually represent you and be the main point of contact for your chosen network(s).


Our experienced account managers spend at least one third of their time in approving and recruiting new affiliates to our programmes. We understand that part of a successful programme is the recruitment of fresh and vibrant new publishers who will compliment and engage with your brand.

All the affiliate programmes we manage are in different industries, which mean that our account managers have the experience to spot and recruit any potential affiliate from any discipline.

Our goal is to create a healthy result-driven publisher base for you that will work hard in order to drive sales and add value to your programme.

Payment Consolidation and Commission Approvals

Taking into account your in-house resources, we can take up all commission approvals through your networks and consolidate all payments in one invoice.

We can approve or decline commissions on your behalf and guarantee that all commissions have been appropriately paid to all publishers.

Moreover, we can manage all network override, service fees and tenancies payments and issue you one invoice.

Our experience has shown us that fast and accurate payments are appreciated by publishers, and making your revenue drivers happy increases your programme’s status.

Reporting and Analysis

As a performance agency our strategic approach is being characterised by decisions taken in accordance to data insights and not “gut feeling”. Although we always strive to propose innovative ideas, we will ensure that we back our day to day and long term strategic planning in data driven decisions.

Our aim is to optimise the campaign effectiveness by using client specific data modelling and analysis. The way we achieve this is by combining adequate level of data which will allow effective prognosis while not causing “paralysis by analysis”.

Reporting frequency, detail and format is being defined according to client’s individual requirements and management level. For example, a weekly granular report of revenue and traffic per affiliate will be offered to the day to day client contact, while a strategic overview report with privileged information will only be available to senior management.

Fraud Prevention

Our advanced screening methodology of affiliate applications allows us to minimise any unscrupulous publishers joining your affiliate programme. Although we would like to say that we can identify 100% of fraudulent publishers in the first screening, realistically some of them will pass through the net.

The second level of defence is the constant analysis of traffic sources, monitoring of unusual activity patterns, such as number and frequency of clicks from a specific IP address or range, time from click to sale, number of transactions from the same cookie and other indicators which we cannot publicly disclose as we would not like to make deceitful publishers aware of them.

Encore Methodology